Smog Check in Minneapolis

If you need to send in your smog test results to the state, Duke's Cars and Towing LLC is the team to call. We will carry out a fully comprehensive smog test on your vehicle to ensure it is emitting correctly.

Our incredible staff and proven three-step smog inspection strategy are the best ways to get an accurate picture of your emissions.

We offer Minneapolis’s most competitively priced smog test services. Give us a call any time you need us, and we will carry out a proper inspection.

You can always reach us at (612) 282-1659.

Professional Smog Test

Professionalism is our priority. We guarantee complete satisfaction with our services for whoever walks into our shop.

Our comprehensive smog testing is the best way to let the government know that you are meeting their standards, and if there is something wrong with your emissions, we can provide the repairs you need.

Our knowledgeable staff will meet any questions you have throughout the process.

Once the job is done, we will get the results quickly and send them off as necessary.

Our Smog Inspection Services

Our smog inspections are triple-tiered. Our efficient approach makes us Minneapolis’s favorite smog shop. Let’s take a look at our process.

Emissions Diagnostic

Step 1: We will hook up your vehicle to our comprehensive emissions inspection computer. This will address any immediate issues there may be. This computer test will usually solve the problem if your check engine light is on. It will give us a general sense of the state of your engine.

Visual Inspection

Step 2: We will go under the hood of the car to check for any damage or any modifications or problems with the engine. Certain changes will automatically fail the test. Others are fine as long as they meet regulations.

Functional Inspection

Step 3: The final step is to hook up your vehicle to our computer system again to run the idle test and get a sense of the level of emissions. If we need to get a closer look, we will drive your vehicle on our dynamometer to see how your vehicle performs under pressure.

From there, we tally the results and send them away.  

When we adhere to those three steps, you will receive the most accurate smog test available in Minneapolis

Our Locally Loved Smog Station

Our clients like dealing with us because we always prioritize professionalism. We have prioritized improving ourselves every day for so long, and it pays off. We provide consistently exceptional work, and because of our dedication to excellence, our list of satisfied clients grows every day.

Our highly trained staff will carry their duty knowledgeably and with a smile on their faces.

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Remember our name if you need a smog check done for your vehicle in Minneapolis. Our trusty three-pronged smog check system will ensure that your emission results are sent to the government and approved quickly.

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