Engine Cleaning Service in Minneapolis

There is more to engine cleaning than keeping the engine looking its best. Comprehensive engine detailing services can rid the petrol or diesel engine of sediment and grime that causes the vehicle to lose efficiency over time. Every motorist should invest in a good detailing session from time to time.

Where do the drivers in the Minneapolis area turn for their car engine detailing services? They turn to Duke's Cars and Towing LLC—and with good reason. We restore your engine to its former glory using the finest detail brushes, microfiber towels, waxes, and protectants. We’ll leave it looking—and sounding—as wonderful as can be.

Promising easy-to-schedule detailing sessions, great rates, and more, we are here for you. Call (612) 282-1659 now to request our services.

Engine Detailing Done Right

Clients come us when they want to make sure their engine is free of the grit and grime that can lead to engine troubles—but that isn’t the only reason they come to us. Apart from our valued car engine washing services, our clients come to us because they appreciate our approach to customer service.

Look to us when you want:

  • Fast turnarounds on services
  • Additional engine repair and maintenance services
  • Helpful maintenance tips
  • Professional transparency
  • And more

Competitive Rates on Services

We pride ourselves on our garage’s approach to pricing. You’ll be happy with our rates no matter the extent of the engine cleaning session. We price our services with motorists like you in mind.

Would you like to learn more about our engine detailing services? Contact us at your convenience. We are always eager to outline our services for new and potential clients. We will fill you in on our detailing packages, engine inspection process, and so much more. Call us when you want to learn more about us.

Meticulous Approach to Engine Cleaning

We think that engine bay cleaning is more than just a cosmetic service—and that is why our clients continue to visit us while also recommending our services to their friends.

Did you know that road salt and other debris can find their way under the hood, leading to corrosion and rusting? It is true. What’s more, any of the combustible materials that attach themselves to the engine bay aren’t just unsightly—they are fire hazards. Look to us when you want to clear your engine of rust, sediment build-up, hot spots, and more. Between our experienced engine detailing team and our vast storehouse of equipment, we are confident we’ll be able to rescue your engine.

Book an Engine Cleaning Now

Car engine steam cleaning is the best way to keep your engine operating at peak performance. When you regularly have a professional cleaning under the hood, you never have to worry about small problems spiraling into even bigger ones. Our engine detailing team keeps an eye out for auto troubles.

Would you like to learn more about our approach to engine bay cleaning services? Call (612) 282-1659 now to speak with a professional.